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Volume 9, Issue 4 (Iranian Journal of Ergonomics 2022)                   Iran J Ergon 2022, 9(4): 175-186 | Back to browse issues page

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Rostampour A, Mohammadi H, Rahimpoor R, Sarvi F, Dortaj E, Ziaei M, et al . The survey of relationship between the sleep quality with cognitive failures and job performance among airport staff. Iran J Ergon. 2022; 9 (4) :175-186
URL: http://journal.iehfs.ir/article-1-863-en.html
1- MSc. Student, Department of HSE, Tabnak Higher Education Institute, Lamerd. Iran
2- Assistant Professor, Department of occupational health and Safety, Larestan University of medical Sciences, School of Health, Larestan, Iran
3- Assistant Professor, Department of public health, Larestan University of medical Sciences, School of Health, Larestan, Iran
4- MSc, Department of occupational health and Safety, Larestan University of medical Sciences, School of Health, Larestan, Iran
5- Assistant Professor, Department of HSE, Bushehr University of medical Sciences, School of Health, Bushehr, Iran
6- BS, Department of occupational health and Safety, Larestan University of medical Sciences, School of Health, Larestan, Iran
7- Assistant Professor, Department of occupational health and Safety, Larestan University of medical Sciences, School of Health, Larestan, Iran , rahmaniabdolrasoul218@gmail.com
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Background and Objectives: Mental and physical fatigue of airport staff reduces their job standards and productive concentration. The objective of this study was to examine sleep quality and its effect on cognitive failure and job performance among airport staff.

Methods: In this descriptive-analytical study, 200 staff of an airport were chosen by simple random sampling method. The data collecting tools were four questionnaires including demographic characteristics, sleep quality, cognitive failures, and job performance. SPSS software (version 22.0) was used to analyze the data by descriptive statistics, and Pearson and regression tests.

Results: Based on the findings, the mean total scores of sleep quality, cognitive failures, and job performance were 6.78±3.23, 65.22±20.36 and 39.59±5.59, respectively. The results showed that the mean score of sleep quality in the two areas of sleep latency (1.5±0.82) and sleep duration (1.43±1.05) was higher than other subscales. According to the findings, there was a significant inverse relationship between sleep quality score and cognitive failures scores with job performance score (r= -0.195، P<0.05), While the relationship between sleep quality score with cognitive failure score was positive and significant (r= 0.389، P<0.05).

Conclusion: The findings demonstrated a significant relationship between sleep quality and cognitive failure so that with decreasing this factor, cognitive failure of airport staff also increased and the probability of the human error increased. Therefore, the rise of sleep quality and comfort with providing ergonomic solutions the cognitive failure in staff and consequently job performance would be greatly prevented.

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Type of Study: Research | Subject: Cognitive Ergonomics
Received: 2022/01/18 | Accepted: 2022/03/1 | ePublished: 2022/03/1

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