Iranian Journal of Ergonomics- List of Reviewers 2019
List of Reviewers 2019

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List of Reviewers – 2019
No Reviewer Name Reviewer Primary E-mail Address Country
1 Javad Faradmal, PhD Iran
2 Yadollah Hamidi, PhD Iran
3 Fakhraddin Ghasemi, PhD Iran
4 Mohammad Babamiri, PhD Iran
5 Neda Mahdavi, PhD Iran
6 Mohammad Sadegh Sohrabi, PhD Iran
7 Mohsen Ali Abadi, PhD Iran
8 Omid Kalatpour, PhD Iran
9 Leili Tapak, PhD Iran
10 Payam Heidari, MSc Iran
11 Majid Barati, PhD Iran
12 Taleb Askaripour, PhD Iran
13 Alireza Mortezapour, MSc Iran
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